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Ultra Fast Charger


Fast charger is new free battery charging application that help to kill all the background processes just with single click. Super fast charger charge smartphones very fast and in few minutes than before. Fast battery charger reduce your charging time upto 30-50% and your mobile phone charged fully just in 30-50 minutes. Ultra fast charger helps you scan all services that are consuming phone battery including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile data, High screen brightness, Screen timeout etc. Ultra fast battery charger helps you close all services consuming battery on one screen. It further contains battery health diagnostics to further checks battery health and finds battery health status. Super fast charging not only improves charging time but also extends your battery time. To keep running fast charger in background press 'home' button.How fast battery charging works:========================When you connect your charger, the electricity comes in to the battery. At the same time electricity goes out from the battery as the phone consumes the battery. Battery charger reduces the amount of electricity that goes out from the battery and therefore it reduces charging time. Super fast battery charger does sundry tasks to reduce the battery consumption of your contrivance during the charging time. It ceases unwanted background process to reduce the CPU load. It stops network tasks to reduce the battery consumption. Battery charger also changes display setting to reduce battery consumption. Ultra fast charger automatically awaken when you plug in charger and automatically close all the networking tasks more over network usage.
Note: If you really like and find this tool useful than please give your feedback and suggestion to make this charging tool more and more useful with new features. Also share it with your friends and family members. Enjoy real fast battery charger..!! Thanks..!!93927180af